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10 Alasan Menggunakan Ubuntu 10.10

Monday, October 11, 2010

Berikut adalah 10 alasan kenapa harus menggunakan Ubuntu 10.10:

1. No Commitment
You can try out Ubuntu without changing or affecting anything else on your computer. In other words, you have nothing to lose.

2. Speed
Ubuntu 10.10 is fast -- darn fast. Depending on the PC it can boot in as little as 7 seconds.

3. Security
Ubuntu--and pretty much every distribution of Linux--is extremely secure, particularly compared with Mac OSX and Windows. No wonder experts have recommended using Linux for online banking, in particular--the others just aren't secure enough.

4. It's Sociable
Ubuntu's new "Me Menu" lets you access your Facebook and Twitter accounts straight from the desktop. You can connect to all your favorite chat channels and make updates through a single window.

5. Ubuntu One
Ubuntu One is the personal cloud service that lets you synchronize your files and notes and then access them from anywhere. You can even use Ubuntu One to buy music and get it delivered to all your computers and even listen them on your phone.

6. Applications
Ubuntu comes with business productivity software for free. Firefox is included and there's also support for both Flash and Google Chrome. And anything that's not there already can be found in Ubuntu's Software Center! Whereas finding new software on Windows is very much a hunt-and-peck process, with lots of time spent on Google--and your credit card--the Software Center gives you a central place to find and download thousands of applications in a matter of seconds.

7. Multitouch
If you try the Netbook Edition of Ubuntu on a supported netbook, you'll be able to see for yourself the brand-new multitouch features in Maverick's new Unity interface.

8. Hardware Compatibility
Ubuntu will play well on just about any machine you might have sitting around, so you could also try it out on a spare one to keep it off your Windows machines altogether--until you decide you can't go back, that is.

9. Beauty
One key emphasis in the new Ubuntu is making it more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to use. It's all just nice to look at.

10. Price
Ubuntu is free. Pure and simple.

Ubuntu dapat diunduh di website-nya dan untuk mendapatkan bantuan dari sesama pengguna gunakan forum dan maling list jika ingin belajar lebih dalam lagi sistem operasi ini.


  1. Saya kemarin mencoba Ubuntu 10.10, tapi balik ke OpenSUSE 11.3 lagi. Memang lebih mudah, tapi saya suka OpenSUSE yang lebih "transparant" dalam informasi bagi newbie di Linux.

  2. gak masalah, yg penting pake distro yg familiar buat kita.